Friday, 30 November 2018


In recent years there's been a disagreement as to the environmental impact of timber for a core commodity in growing countries like the United States, but what about the replenishment of woods and tree-growing wealth? Within this article we'll consider a few of the primary arguments.

Lumber businesses aim to plant more new trees whenever they cut down, however, the biggest concern is the time it takes for a mature shrub to grow. In Europe there are strict laws set up that regulate this and there are many regeneration projects setup to guarantee sustainability.

Hardwood flooring companies can also play their part by choosing their providers carefully and encourage those brands which do care about the environment. Actually, flooring producers such as Kahrs continue using their maxim of "Beauty with a Conscience" and work to create products which are good for individuals and for the environment.

Wood is nature's best material and skilled craftspeople may create the most exquisite and practical furniture and floors from it. The substance itself also offers energy-saving benefits as its natural features include the capacity to consume significantly less warmth than composite or synthetic alternatives.

This kind of flooring also contributes towards a greener environment concerning longevity since it will last more compared to other floor coverings -- often up to 100 decades and beyond. Diseases and allergies cannot flourish as readily as they could with dust build-up in rugs. Thus, this medium really functions to reduce your carbon footprint.

So, the argument for timber flooring surely stands up to scrutiny, especially as it can support and protect the environment in addition to its aesthetically-pleasing advantages. If it comes to ambience and creating the right mood in a setting, there is no real competition.

Thursday, 25 October 2018


Wood floors are both durable and economical, and can be found in various styles, colors and kinds. Whether you want a trendy look or a traditional finish for your house, there are many traditional wood floors to choose from; produced from pine, walnut, walnut, ash, or bamboo.

Unlike other floors, hardwood flooring don't collect dirt and allergens so they are ideal if you want to maintain a wholesome household. Once you install wooden floors in your home then you do not need to worry, as they will endure for many years whilst adding value to your house.

Here are 3 styles of wooden floors:

Parquet wood flooring -- having this type of hardwood flooring, the bits of timber are assembled to produce a new style; leading to some amazing geometric designs and patterns. Parquet wood flooring is mostly used in kitchens, children's rooms and sometimes even in living rooms.

Strip wood floors -- Strip floors is also known as hardwood floors and is linear and solid. It comes in widths of 1, 3 and 2 inches. A linear look is made in the areas where it is installed, providing the impression of a bigger space. Strip wood flooring is sometimes available in softwoods such as pine.

Plank floors -- this kind of floor has wider widths but can also be available in linear layouts. It's generally available in widths such as 3, 4 and 5 inches. Red oak and white ash wood are most commonly employed for plank floors.

These various styles can completely alter the appearance of your wooden floor, but it finally depends upon you to select the right design and style to fit your house and personal tastes.

Friday, 22 June 2018


If your house is a hectic one, you will know just how difficult it can be to keep everything clean- particularly rugs. When your home is home to a large family, carpets can be exposed to a massive amount of wear and tear- and this may leave them in quite bad condition speedily. That is the reason more and more of those dwelling in hectic houses are opting for demanding hardwood flooring.

The days where there were very few hardwood flooring options, and when you may have had to have settled for floors that wasn't quite as durable as you would have liked are now firmly in the past, as there are now several really durable options.

Ash, hard maple and Jabota are all incredibly durable choices, together with beech and walnut also being able to withstand a good amount of traffic.

Whatever your hardwood floors choice, however, you shouldn't expect your flooring to be in a position to completely fend for itself, since it does also have to be properly maintained. In busy homes, it is also a fantastic idea to protect really vulnerable regions with rugs and mats. This may go a lengthy way in keeping it as pristine as possible.

Monday, 30 April 2018

How to Care for Hardwood Floors: A Quick Guide

Learn How to Care for Hardwood Floors the Easy Way

It is a common misconception that hardwood floors are hard to maintain and easy to harm. The reality is that with just a minimal quantity of attention and time you'll be able to keep your floors looking like new for year after year. And if you're diligent, your floors may not require repair or refinishing for decades. This quick guide shows you how to care for hardwood floors in any part of your property.

Provide the Essential Care
Everybody is a little different about their flooring. Many homeowners are fine with them taking on a weathered appearance, while others want to keep them pristine. No matter which camp you fall into, all floors will require some essential care. Vacuum or sweep the floor consistently with a broom or soft-bristled attachment to prevent grit from building up. Put a UV protectant in your own windows to block out damaging rays, and sometimes rearrange the placement of furniture or floor coverings to promote even aging.

Clean Correctly
If you have to pick more than just dust, then it's important to use the right product in your hardwood floors. Make sure you check if the specific flooring product you use has some specific cleaning instructions. In most cases it's fine to use a committed wood-cleaning solution diluted to the manufacturer's instructions. When cleaning, do not let large amounts of water or stand on the surface of their flooring.

Avoiding damage is a good deal easier than trying to repair it. Maintain your pet's claws clipped to eliminate scratches when they operate round the home. Use a humidifier during the warmer seasons to maintain your home humidity between 35% and 55 percent and decrease shrinkage from the floor. Wipe up spills immediately, and if something tacky gets on the ground, use a piece of ice to harden it before scratching it off lightly with something plastic.

For peak protection, place rubber flooring mats under your furniture so that scratches do not look when furniture has bumped or moved. Mats just inside the entrances to your home make it easy get dirt, mud, and debris from shoes until it touches the floor. A mat facing the sink or next to a bathtub may also keep water from the floor.

Know What Not to Do
Avoiding common sense forms of misuse does a lot to preserve your flooring. Do not walk on the
flooring with shoes that have spikes or damaged heels. Limit the quantity you clean the flooring with liquids. Whenever you do, do not ever use household cleaning products that contain citrus, lemon, tung oil, or silicon because they may easily harm the finish. Also, avoid products that include acrylics or urethane gloss to try and restore the gloss.

Care for Your Flooring with the Help of Specialists
In case you've got additional questions about how to care for hardwood floors, consult with the team at Uxbridge Floor Sanding. We can answer all of your questions about cleaning, choosing, and installing a hardwood floor. Our staff has extensive experience and true expertise when it comes to flooring. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us.

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